23XX Font

by Tevin Bloise

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Free for Personal & Commercial Use
23XX Font

23XX Font

23XX Font, designed by Tevin Bloise, is a distinctive display font that boasts a bold and futuristic style. With its heavily mechanized and industrial feel, this font is perfect for creating eye-catching headlines and titles. Featuring all caps letters, numbers, symbols, and accents, this font offers versatile use in a variety of contexts. Get ready to make a statement with 23XX Font!

Designer Tevin Bloise
Font Style Display
Category Bold, Futuristic, Geometric, Grotesque, Logo, Sharp, Strong, Technology
LicenseFree for Personal & Commercial Use
Language No Languages Detected.
Downloads114 Downloads

Commercial Use

This font is made with vector love. I’ve spent a ton of time trying to make
this typeface as best as I could. It’s my first, but it certainly isn’t going to
be my last. Also, don’t be a dick and directly send it to someone, show
them the original source!
This is free for personal and commercial use. Don’t do anything illegal
with this, alright?
Let me know if you did something snazzy with this typeface on Twitter
@tevinbloise or via tevinbloise@gmail.com.
Please type responsibly and use the typeface as intended. Don’t use
it for a bakery (unless everything is holographic and shit.) If you make
something ugly, I’ll instantly disown you.
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